usb connector prob... [Resolved]

Hi, newbie here.

hoping someone can help me with this problem. I’m running xp-sp2 on my laptop and am having trouble getting my nintendo usb connector to connect to the internet. I was running the old kerio firewall and had the same problem so I thought I’d try something different. It works fine with no firewall installed, but as soon as I have the firewall in, I get the red arrows coming in the little box. I’ts the version 2.4. Even if I allow all traffic I still see the little red arrows. I’m assuming :S that they’re telling me the packets are being blocked. here’s what Nintendo Support: Wii & Wii mini nintendo has to say about firewalls, I can’t make sense of it :confused: sorry. I did try though. I’d like to stick with this firewall, it seems to do everything else well. thanks

edit got it fixed. Thanks to reading some of the other threads here, and trial and error. I had to set a trusted zone for it and didn’t have the right numbers in there. So, did the trick. Thanks for the resources you have here!