USB auto scanner

comodo must provide the usb auto scan option to the user throug an program update

comodo must provide auto usb scan option to the users with the help of update. All other free anti-virus programs are providing this feature to the users. so comodo must provide it…

there is no need to USB scanner. when you open a file look inside it Comodo does a scan :-TU if there is malicious Comodo automatically detects… if malicious do not detect by AV…D+ and Firewall warn you when the malicious want to reach the net…

Britto, double posting and cross posting are a violation of the Forum Policy.

One post on any given topic is sufficient.

That said, as I replied to another one of your posts, CAV is an on-demand scanner. This means that all files are scanned when they are accessed.

So while an entire USB drive isn’t scanned automatically, any file you open from that drive will be scanned. Then end result is the same without wasting system resources by scanning files unnecessarily.