Usage - Easier comodo training mode?

This is a usage question and wondering why Comodo firewall will ask the same question multiple time a mouse click ago when I told it to remember and allow? Even though it in training, I wish if it has better memory for that exe file. For example, when uninstalling Comodo, I had to to say allow for that exe file several times when I told it then and there to remember and allow.

When I use Zone Alarm in the past, I see menu of application to allow. Just wondering if Comodo shows list of install applications and I can select allow. What I did not select in allow, it could ask in training mode. Just trying to reduce the number of allow in training mode for it reminds me of Vista UAC ( I disable ahd hate being reminded of that design). The comparison is there for Comodo firewall ask the same question for that exe file when I told comodo to allow and to remember less than a mouse-click ago during the uninstall comodo process.

Prefer Comodo firewall design over vista and Comodo strength is control to user and hate vista design of allowing everything and we playing catch-up to disallow (damage could be done and we could be too late).

Tx for making usage easier.