Usability/UI Tweak: Better 'Application Activity Control'

Comodo likes to bury things behind child windows that don’t have to be. Comodo likes to provide the user one and only one route to get to a particular thing - despite many components being intimately related.

Both of these issues are apparent in the Application Activity Control window. To edit the Access Rights or Protection Settings of a particular program, you have to go through an almost useless window. One of the uses of this intermediary window is to apply a Predefined Policy to an application. However, there is no quick way to manage predefined policies from this window.

The look and feel is also anomalous.

Redesign the Application Activity Control window to be the definitive window for editing everything about your application’s activity.


  • Access Rights and Protect Settings are now immediately accessible via tab.
  • An “Edit More…” button takes you to the Predefined Security Policies window.
  • Access Rights are now alphabetical, aside from the all important “Run as executable.”
  • Buttons and table titles now match the current look and feel.
  • Drop downs for “ask” “allow” “block” instead of pointless radio buttons.


  • When “Predefined Policy” is enabled via radio button, the window automatically opens collapsed.
  • Enabling “Custom Policy” automatically expands the window to show Access Rights.
  • A Collapse/Expand toggle to the right allows the user to manually collapse or expand the window.


  • When one mode is selected, the other is grayed out for clarity and usability.

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