Usability much needed improvements #2 - Columns size

For example, open the “Advanced settings” window, and expand it to take the full display size.

Go to “Unrecognised files” section…
Here, you will see that the columns are severely unusable.
There is a 15% for the file path, which can be as long as 200 characters, then you have 25% for “Company” which can be as short as “IBM”, and 40% for the “First observed date” field, which has a fixed and known width!

It is even worse in the “Trusted files” window, where “Company” is taking 70% of the display !

In clear, the most important information (the file name) is the most hidden one…

Wish 2: use adequate widths for columns. Ideally, compute the correct width automatically at first display. Ensure that the file name is getting priority.
Additionally, you might use a display trick like “C:\Pro … \TheDir\Executable.exe” when the name is too long

+1 another great idea. So again add a poll for your wishes. And I forgot: Welcome to the forum, I see you’re new here :slight_smile:

Poll added…

And I have been using Comodo Personal Firewall for several years now.
That’s just that until version 5, I was happy with the UI, the usability, and the reliability; so I didn’t need the forum.

I find V6 (which I installed one month ago) much worse on many aspects (UI being only a part of them), and I am also considering using another software.
However, CIS is still rated the best free one, so I’ll wait a bit before deciding on a switch…

I agree with you, I too miss the usability of V5. For now, I don’t use the CIS 6, I’m waiting for some usability improvements. The UI is nice I like it, but the usability :-TD
Voted Yes again :slight_smile: