Usability much needed improvements #1 - Windows states

It seems that Comodo hasn’t any usability tester in its staff…
In particular, I find the personal firewall interface quite bad in some aspects…

  1. the windows always open with a fixed size, of about 800 * 650 pixels, whether from the tray icon or from the widget window.
    The main window cannot be resized, but the sub windows (like “advanced configuration”) can.
    In that case, I always have to expand it manually to the maximum size, because it doesn’t save its state.
    Wish 1: save windows states, and reuse this state when the window is reopened

+1 to this, since is good for people with netbook, or use lower screen resolution, or even have a small monitor. Again add a poll for your wish.

Poll added…

Thanks, voted. :-TU