Usability concepts - Spybot S & D

Hi Usability research / Support group,

Came across this content from the Spybot S&D site a couple of months ago.
Since I cant find any similar thought analysis being exposed on the posts here, felt I should share this so v4.0 can be a keystone release.


Especially have a look at

(Pls replace the xx’s in hxxp with tt’s to give http)


Ah intressting… Some nice GUI going on there…

But why did you swap http for hxxp? =)

Yes, I like the spybot GUI also. The usability concepts in those posts are very well thought out. In fact, a few of those same concepts were already proposed to comodo. However, I do hope Comodo takes a long look at the links above…

Common forum etiquette to prevent spidering of sites if the forum is compromised.

Linkification, a Firefox extension, can automatically replace hxxp to http, among other things.

So, with Linkification, the links become clickable, like this:

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