US Internet providers start spy program to stop file-sharing

Starting this week, Internet Service Providers will start throttling connection speeds for customers alleged to be pirating copyright-protected materials.

I’ll continue using and recommending a VPN, not because I pirate or condone pirating but because I believe we have a right to privacy - the freedom to not be watched, monitored and logged.

Sounds to me like a violation of the human rights concerning privacy but after all it’s USA. Second the more they spy on the internet the more ppl will find a way to beat them. Third what are they gonna do? We are talking here about a big number of people. Also how you gonna prove such cases for sure? That it was in fact such person and not another?

I don’t think they care about which person did it, the owner of the network is responsible for what goes on on the network and since he owns it he is responsible for what others do behind his network, at least that is what I’ve gathered from these cases.

Either way they seem to just analyze the data and if illegal acts against copyrights is committed then they will take action, I believe the whole process is automated and if you believe you’ve been wrongfully targeted then it’s up to you to prove that, which is completely the reverse of how it should be you can request them to manually look at the case and determine if any rules/laws have been broken, this costs $35.

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Meanwhile in Sweden the anti-piracy organization “Rättighetsalliansen” has threatened to take the Swedish Pirate Party to court for providing bandwidth to The Pirate Bay if they did not stop that from Feb 26th. Since Rättighetsalliansen does have it economically better than the Swedish Pirate Party, the pirate party has chosen not to take it to court because that could drain them financially and could kill the party, instead they gave the honor to the Pirate Parties in Norway and in Spain and hence The Pirate Bay is now also called The Hydra Bay. (Swedish) (Swedish)
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