URL Link AV & Malware scanner (in browser)

I don’t know if this has been mentioned much before or even how practical it might be…

But in my estimation it would be very handy to have a context menu option within a browser to use CIS to scan a website before you visit it in your browser. In a nutshell, right click over a hyperlink and have the option to have CIS or Comodo’s parent servers do a real time scan of the surface content of that site. Then once it scans it it opens that link up in a new tab. I don’t know if this would best be accomplished through browser plugins and/or extensions or what. It would be nice if the CIS install would detect what browsers you had and automatically set this up.

I know that this is somewhat covered by real-time protection and sites deemed supposedly “safe”. But when you are searching for that one piece of open source or freeware software that your not 100% sure of it is always prudent to scan it first to help your peace of mind.

Just a thought to throw out there. This could be totally redundant and superfluous, but I’d use it.

Thanks for your time and great products. I recommend CIS Pro to all my friends and family. (So they can start using Geek Buddy instead of me for their malware problems!)

Just saw site inspector functionality for Dragon. Does this plugin exist for other browsers? I could not find a Chrome extension. I would use Dragon, but it doesn’t work with things i use for everyday work, such as Roboform, etc.

I played with site inspector a bit. I would still prefer context menu integration and the information to be passed along via bubbles or smaller windows. I don’t need a whole exhaustive tab.

This functionality is hard-coded into the Dragon browser. They have mentioned developing a plugin or addon for site inspector, but I haven’t heard any updates on how this is going.

Roboform doesn’t support Dragon, nor does it intend to support any of the Chromium variants. (I exchanged a few emails with their tech support) The full toolbar extension for Chrome worked fine when I tested it, but after I hid the toolbar, there was no way to make it come back. (this is why I contacted support) Roboform Lite works just fine though.

I’ve since abandoned Roboform when my ‘lifetime’ license ended with version 6. 88) Sure, I can continue to use version 6 as long as I want, but if I want to use any newer (and supported) release, I need to pay a yearly license fee. :frowning:

I now use LastPass.

I’ve found a good extension for chrome called “Dr. Web Link Checker”. I would much rather use a comodo product, but this one seems to integrate quite well with the context menu.

Thanks for the input.