URL blocking

Hi, I have just joined the forum, Can you tell me how to block a particular URL in Comodo firewall
Thank you

Welcom to the forum!

First, you have to know the IP address of a URL. You can find it out using www.dnsstuff.com, or just typing “ping URL” into Command prompt.

This rule will block all outgoing traffic to the specific IP address

permission: Block
protocol: IP Out
source: Your Zone or Any
destination: IP address you want to block
Ip protocol: Any

Just make sure you put this rule above the default Allow TCP/UDP out rule.

The inbound communication is already blocked by default.

If you don’t want anyone on your PC to be able to go to, let’s say comodogroup.com, you should make a rule like this.

Go to Network monitor (security/network monitor).
Right click on your ID 0 rule (at the top of the list) and add/add before.
Do these settings.

Action : Block
Protocol : IP
Direction : Out
Source IP : Zone or Any
Destination IP : Host/Domain name: www.comodogroup.com
IP Details : Any

EDIT: Bubu74 was faster than me…

You can block a name like in my rule Bubu74.

Indeed you can (:SHY). Thanks for correcting me.

No problem… ;D