URL Blocking not entire domain

I wish to access example.com/blog and example.com/gallery/index.php but not example.com/ads/banner.html or example.com/ads/banner2.html ie I dont want to access example.com/ads/* but free access to example.com/music, etc.

So it is not host blocking but URL blocking. (:KWL)
How can I do that

Using latest version 3.



You can do that with your browser, it would be a firewall’s job if you wanted the whole IP blocked, but if it’s as you say you need to configure your browser or other dedicated program.

I’m not sure that IE can block specific folders within a domain as you want, but I can tell Opera works for this, and (I guess) some extension of Firefox’s too.



Would love to have this feature though in Comodo. Anyways I use Avast Home Free Edition and it does provide an option to block certain URLs so one doesn’t have to configure all Web-Browsers.



To Give My Two Cents,

I’ve thought about this for only probably 2 minutes and found a solution
after entering few things in the blocked network zones,

I cannot get to myspace.com even with a proxy
so I blocked the domain and url


Once again, I do understand that it is possible to Completly block a certain domain/website but I want to block only certain URLs while allowing others.

Block example.com/ads/*
Allow example.com/music


Can’t be done with CFP 3.x at the moment, no idea if they will build this.
This is more some kind of proxy filtering level stuff, not on the level 3/4 firewalling.
Use AdBlock for Firefox or setup a local proxy like proxomitron or squid where “all” your local browsers have to go to.

You can then build access rules for the proxy. and block on uri/url level.

That’s the tricky part, it would need a whole new module and so would mean bloating CFP…