Urgent matter need help ASAP

OK so i was AFK for 5 mins ( was on the phone ) i come back and i see a pop-up alert on the screen i rush to find out what it was before i could get a chance to read it then i went into see what the alert was and found it was this

turns out what ever this is , its trying to modify a protected registry after microsoft it goes \SystemCertificates\my. | thats all i could read from the log viewer what is this and im a little concerned considering its trying to modify SystemCertificates should i be worried im currently doing research on this as well but to no avail

help ASAP would be nice so i can get this all sorted out

In doubt, dont allow things if they happen out of nowhere.

Make sure that you have this program installed, and that its legit.
Keep your eyes open about why and when this attempts happen.

Inform yourself about the function of that program on the homepages of the producer.

yeah :smiley: there is not doubt that i blocked all these entries ASAP just in case i also snooped around and saw this happens when HP health check does checks or something like that but when i go into Services.msc i find no HP health check service only HP framework support and HP Assistance support , hence why im going to back up HP health check folder , create a system restore and delete the HP health check folder , im also going to put in a full scan on my AV sometime today when i have time

D+ logs only the things it blocked or asked for. When you don’t answer an alert of D+ or Firewall in time CIS will block the action. In short, no worries you’re safe.