URGENT HELP..!! System HangUp.. after CAVS installation

Hello All,

            I just installed Comodo AntiVirus and after completion, the antivirus requested for "restart' computer, which I did. after the restart and right before my desktop appeared, a pop-up window of "HIPS APPLICATION CONTROL ALERT" from COMODO AV, asks me whether I should "Allow", "Block' the program "secdrv.sys" and the pop-up says that since this prgram is not found in Comodo SafeList it is looking through a weblook up and that process goes for ever.

I am not able to click on the “Allow” or the “Block” button neither can i see my desktop to do anything else… I tried rebooting my computer and nothing works, please someone re-commend on wht to do…when I am not able to access anything on my computer, I checked the Task Manager and saw that explorer.exe is still running, but I cant do anything with no icons and no desktop. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :cry:

Please someone help…!!!

It’s a Macrovision file. My ideas are the following:
[1] reboot in safe mode: press F5 after you restarted the computer (wait 1-5 seconds), then disable cavs:

  • start
  • services.msc
  • disable CAVS (the service)
  • reboot as usual and try to submit the file (also, start the cavs)
    [2] use last know computer configuration: press F8 then choose last known good config (thiy may remove the CAVS installation but next time you may pre-define what to do with this file)

Thanks Ark… for the response…
I just got few questions…

Should I press F5, once the pop-up comes…?

and then you asks me to go to Start ->Run → and then enter “services.msc”…rgt…?

Could you please explain…?


After you switch on your computer, wait like 2-3 seconds and press F5 several times until you see a blinking “_” sign.
Yes, type in services.msc, then click OK or press ENTER.