Urgent Help Plzz

Win 7 64

It suddenly shutdown.

And now it is not starting. The battery charger light on the laptop doesn’t glow i.e remains off.

I tried hard reset i.e removed the power cord & battery & pressed the power button for 1 min & tried both with & without battery but the laptop is not starting.

I dont know what suddenly happened. Its a fairly new HP Pavilion DV4T-1400 laptop with 500 GB HardDisk & 4 GB RAM. Clean system i.e no malware.

For once it started & reached the desktop but again shutdown. I guess may be battery/battery finished or battery charger connection point prob or may be other prob.

My cousin has a HP laptop but he stays far away. I have asked him for the battery charger so I can check if the battery charger has prob. Can I check with the battery of his system too? Charger I have previosly tried & it works with my laptop. His laptop is DV3T.

Till then any solution I should try?

Can be the battery/charger, memory, CPU, motherboard, overheat or a mix. For how long you run your PC usually? Do you put it to sleep, hibernate it or shut it down?

It’s hard to say what to do at this point. Give your PC some time off… Few hours at least. If it don’t start after 24 hours normally… You have some serious issue prob with the battery or charger. You can always try the new battery/charger in this case. Try searching online about this issue for HP or call their support line. Do you have a valid active warranty for it? I would take it back (if you can that is) if the battery/charger fix won’t help. Also did you install/uninstalled something before the sudden shutdown?

P.S Try charger test first. After if you can connect your battery to his PC do it. I don’t know if you can. Give it some time and see what happens.

It looks at first sight like a problem with the charger. May be it broke down and did no longer charge the battery. The battery then got empty making Windows shut down abruptly. But on the other hand Windows would have warned you that battery was running low…

You can use both the battery and charger from your cousin to see if you can start the laptop and Windows. As Seany suggested start with his charger only and start from there.

If it runs on charger then shut down and add your cousin’s battery and disconnect the charger.

If changing charger or battery is not helping then we will have to look elsewhere. Then we may be looking at a hardware issue.

Keep us posted on whether the laptop loads the BIOS and whether it can boot to Windows or not.

The laptop is not used much app 2-3 hours a day.
Nothing installed/uninstalled before the sudden shutdown but previous day I had installed Avast 8.
I will be trying the charger today when I get it.

One thing I forgot to mention, when the laptop was in use the plug of the charger connected was loose i.e where the plug was connected it was not fitting & was loose but the battery was showing charging.

I will try the things you guys have mentioned & post the results here.

If I use the charger of my cousin laptop & my laptop starts & the battery shows charging & charges too that means the battery is fine & no need to check with his battery, right? The prob is with the charger.

And I can also check the battery by charging with his charger & then disconnecting his charger & starting the system, right?

And one thing I forgot to mention whenever I use to check battery status with HP battery check it use to mention battery is weak with red symbol but even if battery is finished the laptop should run with the charger i.e power cord, right?

OK guyz, I checked with the charger of my cousins laptop & my laptop started & battery also charged so it seems the prob is with the chargers connecting point. I will have to get a new one.

I see. Let us know when you will be running PC with no issue :slight_smile:

I have a Dell system & its charger is working with this system. Can I use this charger safely or any risk?

If it’s working with your system. Use it. I don’t see any risk.

I think your HP is still under warranty so I would recommend to not use another maker’s charger. Not because I don’t think it could not work (I never tried it) but I advice caution when under warranty. Would it be possible to get your charger fixed/changed under warranty?

The warranty is expired.

In that case I likely would use the Dell charger at my own risk until the new charger would arise. Thinking a bit more. I might consider to not let it charge the battery but run the laptop with just the charger. Just thinking out loud…

How to run the laptop with the charger only? Should I remove the battery?

I think the battery is completely finished i.e even if it is charged to 100% it runs not more than 30 mins. So what could be the risk if the battery is charged too? Any other risk to the system? Any hazardous risk?

Hi Naren,
If the output voltage is the same as the original power adaptor/charger, I can’t see it being a problem.
As long as the polarity is correct which it must be if it is working the system.

I think what Eric was suggesting was to only use the power adaptor while your system is in use.

Edit: Depending on the cost of an original Dell replacement, an after market universal adaptor with variable voltage output could be worth looking into.

HP Adapter Details (Original)

65W V (V is in a circle)
Input - 100-240V ~ 1.7A(1.7A) 50-60Hz
Output - 18.5V(18.5V) - 3.5A(3.5A)

Dell Adapter Details (Currently Using)

65W - AC Adapter
Input - 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.5A
Output - 19.5V - 3.34A

Any other details needed?

They are very similar although the output voltage being one watt higher could create extra system or battery heat with prolonged use.
I would still only use it at your own risk (Output voltage is the most critical factor).

I would suggest sooner rather than later to get one with the correct voltage.
Also with you replacement adaptor make sure the output amps are equivalent or higher (Lower amps adaptors would run hot and burn out prematurely).

I have recently bought a MP3476 Powertech Laptop Power Supply, these have variable output voltage (Including 18.5V) and a number of connectors.
Universal adaptors usually have switchable polarity, so if you opt to a universal be sure to check the polarity before connecting.
You would have to shop around or search for what is available in your area.

Edit: I would still check for an original replacement first if possible.

On adapter there is replace with HP spare with a number, should I look for & get this one i.e the number?

The original replacement would be the best choice if available IMO, as long as it does not cost an arm and leg.

Original replacement you mean not this number one, right?

On adapter there is HP Part No. with a number, do you mean this one?

I checked few sites with the number but they mention not available or sold in India.

This laptop was purchased in US.

Like this site

On my adapter
HP Part No. - 519329-003
Replace No. - 463958-001

I do mean the HP Part Number on your adaptor.

I checked few sites with the number but they mention not available or sold in India.
If it is not available you will have to seek out an alternative or buy online. Do you have electronics stores nearby? They may have something suitable. Edit: That is a good price, pity about the availability.