Urgent Help Needed

Formated & Installed XP. When I insert drivers disc the drive is not detecting it. Its not opening auto & drive shows 0 bytes. The system is Dell.


Check to make sure the CD is ok, test it with another machine.

Put some other disk in the drive and make sure that the drive is working.

You will first need to identify whether it is a CD/ Drive complaint.

Later, you can proceed with advanced troubleshooting

The disc is working on other system. In this system I tried XP disc & it opened fine but the driver disc is not opening.

Is the disc a DVD? and are you trying to place it in a “CD Only” Drive?..

Has the Driver CD worked before on the this machine?

Did you try another disc in your computer? This is to see if may be the CD Rom player is the problem. Also make sure the CD ROM is completely wired up; make sure the wires are firmly in their connected to their places.

Try to open the drivers disk in another computer and copy the drivers via pendrive.

May be it would first solve the issue, later you can check your cd/dvd drive.

yes the disc has always worked in this system. Tried other discs too, fujifilm, trendmicro av, other. All the disc worked.Only this disc is not working but its working on the other systems.

working on other system. everything related to cables are fine.

trying to copy on pendrive but its showing 22 hours & after copying 2 folders its getting stuck. waited for an hour but the same prob.

Hi Naren. Can you download the required drivers instead. Downloaded drivers are also probably more up to date than the ones on your disc. I know this isn’t fixing the drive read issue, but it might help get what you need.

My system model is not mentioned in the dell site. I also tried to find the drivers with their recommended way i.e service tag but only 1 driver was mentioned for intel.

Have you gone to this site to trouble shoot your read issue?

yes nothing solved.

It sounds like the motherboard CD is getting older. If you really insist on using it you can try Isobuster to retrieve data from it.That does a more tenacious job with compromised CD’s.

If you installed SP3 and its subsequent updates you already got the most recent drivers that Microsoft and Windows Update provide. If you want the latest drivers get them from their manufacturer’s web sites.

In short. Forget about the CD. From what year is the driver CD?

Tell me your mother board version number. I will try to help you with identifying your specific hardware.

Do you have a high speed internet? i.e., can you afford to download a package called Driverpacks.net which comes roughly to a total of 600 MB.

If you can, it offers a full set of drivers for almost all models of hardware. Easy to install too.

Its a fresh install of XP SP2. I cannot connect to internet wirelessly (I have a router) coz in network connection there is no adapter except 1394 adapter. This system was purchased around 2003. In manufacturers website I am not able to find what I should install i.e the things I had in this system of those things I can find only 2-3 things like auto driver, dell applications, dell media.


I want to know 1 thing. I have installed SP2. Now I should complete all the SP2 updates or I can directly download & install SP3.

Tried isobuster. It is not able to read all the files in the disc.

You can directly install SP3 you don’t need to install all the updates after SP2.

Then after installation see if it picks up drivers for your wireless adapter. If not then look in Device Manager what the exact name and number of your wireless adapter are. Then go to the manufacturer’s web site for the latest drivers for that. Let us know if you need some help in this process.

trying through manufacturer site.

As per Dell with my systems service tag number

Original System Configuration - http://supportapj.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/my_systems_info/details?~tab=2&~ck=anavml

As per Dell with my systems service tag number

Drivers & Downloads - http://supportapj.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?c=in&l=en&s=gen&ServiceTag=86KKV91&SystemID=XPS_M140&os=WW1&osl=en&catid=&impid=

Now what should I download & install?


Recently I installed Win 7 64 & did all the updates & then windows update showed me SP1. So you mean instead of updating all the updates after installing Win 7, I should have downloaded & installed SP1 manually & no prob in doing this i.e this is a valid way, right?