Urgent for all uTorrent users

I assume you now know how to create the rule for uTorrent. But there is a security risk. So here’s what you should do: don’t randomize port on utorrent and do the same thing for Comodo settings. Use only one port as allowing it to use any allows leak on port 139 where netbios can be accessed. (Go to grc.com and test their shields up service with file sharing. ) On the Comodo rule, don’t make it in/out. Just make it in, and just tcp (not tcp or udp). Finally, go to control panel then network connections, right click on all of your lan card and dialer properties and uncheck File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks to prevent hackers from transferring files out of your computer.

Will uTorrent still work well without UDP? If I’m not mistaken, it is required for DHT.

well, i tried tcp or udp-in/out thing & tested it w/ grc (all tests) & so far i’m secured (stealthed) by comodo firewall pro. yep, udp is for dht & it’s required to allow port forwarding.

cheers comodo peeps! :Beer