Urgent: CPF interferes with web browsing

Since I upgraded to CPF Web browsing with IE is extremely unstable.

My home page is http://www.google.ca
If I set CPF to “allow all” before firing up IE, everything is OK.
Otherwise, I got a prompt from IE to save the “file” http://www.google.ca - it does not recognize it as a web page.

Also, sometimes clicking on a link gives me a page full of binary junk.
This never happens if CPF is turned off!

Please advise.

This sounds the same as this topic.

Ticket MOC-829854 submitted


This is because of avast!Webshield.

You have 2 options:

1- You can goto Security->Application Monitor and double click on ashWeb.exe and select “Skip advanced security checks” option in Miscellaneous tab


2 - You can disable avast!webshield

Let us know if these fixes do not work.


Please explain why avast!Webshield works fine with other firewalls (including Outpost, Kerio, the native XP firewall, no firewall and, for that matter, previous versions of CPF or CPF without ABA) but fails with the current version of CPF.

If it is indeed a problem with Avast, shouldn’t it manifest itself in other scenarios?

Avast has a warning about some part, if I remember well it’s Webshield, when you have ZoneAlarm installed.
The machine where I had the problem (but that disappeared after compoletely unpowering, so I don’t know if it’s exactly the same) had also Avast installed.


On the AVAST forum there is a thread to configure Comodo:

Comodo firewall configuration (bit old)
Mail Scanner off after installing Comodo ...

Maybe that will help or explain something. :slight_smile:

thanks but could not find any relevant info in those threads

Hi Alexo

Since CAVS 2 is late, I’ve disabled CAVS & re-enabled Avast HE to see if I can replicate this problem. Is there a specific web page that I can visit where this problem is most likely to occur? I tried the Google CA site (did a search). But, I couldn’t get any gibberish… if you know what I mean?

Also did Egemen’s suggestion of turning off CPFs advanced security checks for WebShield work?

Kail, See my reply on https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,3113.msg24560#msg24560

Is Webshield something that is necessary when there’s already a firewall running?

Web Shield is a service that scans all HTTP traffic by various technical means (No need for explanation here).

Web Shield is only POSSIBLY needed if you visit MANY dodgy sites IE . XXX sites, Illegal Software sites etc.

Whether web shield is needed is a mute point as the file scanning component within avast should pick up anything that is in the browser cache file anyway.