Urgent! Big trouble - is the firewall suited for server use?

I work at a small non profit organisation, and this morning our mailserver, also internal fileserver, no other tasks, running an old software called Vpop (a commercial application, not the Linux variant) has started sending out thousands of spam mails.

We installed a virusscanner and tested the server (running Windows 2003 by the way), but found no malware.

Zonealarm is not stopping the flow of spam, so we’re at a loss how these mails are coming in and being sent from our server. I cannot find any relaying setting in Vpop so I can’t tell if they’re just being relayed by our server.

I’d like to try a better firewall. Can the Comodo firewall be installed on a server running Windows Server 2003?



Comodo Firewall 3 is not officialy supported for Windows Server and I don’t know if it would work. Just download and try. If it doesn’t work it simply won’t install in the first place :slight_smile:

However Comodo Firewall 2.4 will work with Server 2003. It’s a good firewall and actually less intrusive than v3 one :slight_smile:

CFP 3 only supports 64bit/32bit of XP & Vista.

As Commodus said; CPF 2.4 is your best option.

Thanks, I hope the download links for the v2.4 are fixed soon, right now, they’re not working :cry:



Umm …I just went to Comodo’s main site and click on Comodo 2.4 and it downloads correctly?


Be careful!!! The new patch KB951748 from microsoft has problem with CFP 2.4 on Win 2k3. After installing the patch, my 2k3 standard failed to resolve all the URLs, but can ping IPs on the internet, and I didn’t find any workaround for this problem yet.

Above are the older versions off v2.4. If there is an issue with the KB Update, Try using an older version off v2.4.