Urgent Assistance needed

I am urgent looking for assistance. i am using the Comodo Internet Security with firewall and antivurus.

I am experiencing some problems with the antivirus flagging two flightsim add-on exe files as viruses and then I don’t get the option to add the files as trusted. At the quarantine I then have to restore the two files to get them back. At the Scanner settings I add the two files as exclusions, but the next day or sometimes later the same day I get flagged by Comodo as finding malware. Over and over and over.

It is not viruses! I will take my own risk.

Justflight.com do not sell viruses. I have been using the same add-on for years.

I sometimes get the same problem with cabdir.exe (Microsoft’s compression utility). It do the same with that, but not every day.

Sometimes Comodo flag image files of gamepacks or default aircraft of flightsim as malware. Impossible. It is an image texture and not an executable.

When flagged I get the option to let geekbuddy do it or myself. I do not get the option to immediately add the file as trusted. I know my system and what to do but now I am getting frustrated.

Johan. >:(

Hi Jors,

Please submit the detected file using the following link:

Thank you!


As I tried to mark the two files CIS removed them again as malware, with no option to add them as trusted.

Turn off the auto-quarantining by deselecting the option to not show AV alerts. Then restore the files from Quarantine. Then you will get an alert and be able to choose to trust the file. It will then be automatically added to your trusted files and you’ll never have an issue again.

Thanks, I managed.

I quite often get Flightsim files as false positives. Even one I made myself a few years ago show as malware now. But now I can go forward.


I exclude my entire flight sim folder from the AV.

You’ll obviously want to make sure any FP’s are actually FP’s and not malware before doing this.