Urgent. A specific trusted website tries to close CPF ever time I access it.

Hello guys!

I’m new to Comodo and so to the forum. I hope that I’m posting in the right place.

I’m having a big headache with one little issue.
Ever time I access a specific website (www.bradesco.com.br) using IE6 I receive the CPF closing application alert.


I’m not sure what is causing the strange behavior, if it is a script on that specific site, a problem with CPF, or even a hijack of CPF.

Could you guys help me by accessing the site with IE6 and CPF turned on to check if the problem repeat it self on other computer?


Something in iexplore.exe is trying to close CPF! I havent observed such a thing when i browse that site but what you can do is to download process explorer from www.sysinternals.com and show us the list of DLLs loaded in iexplore.exe while this event is happening.


No problems here - using Win XP Pro SP2, IE6 and CPF

ewen :slight_smile:

same here, but with XP home.


I cannot replicate this either (W2k-SP4, MSIE 6.1 & CPF

This is not the first time that this problem has been reported with this specific web site. Also here.