Urgent! A "killdisk" like virus that doesn't need Admin rights to run.

This is pretty scary. Lot’s of talk about it on the Wilder’s Security forum, the link to the thread is here :

It defeats many virtualization and HIPS programs. I wanted to know if Comodo v3 with D+ enabled would catch it before it wrecks the computer. Can anyone with a test machine or one of the Comodo devs look into this? I just recently received the file.

I’ve attached the file to this message, I don’t know if this violates board rules since this is my first post here (but if it does moderator please delete the file).

If this violates the board rules, I can email it or give you the rapidshare link to it.

I’ve deleted it from your post, but if anyone should be interested, you could PM them a rapidshare link.


Don’t worry, Comodo stopped it, It’s just no more a low level disk access sample.




awesome! thanks for that ubuntu! :BNC