Uprgaded to CIS4 Standard Install 1264 Intrusion attempts in 12 hours

Have been using CIS for several years and just upgraded to CIS4. Standard install - use common apps but cant find out why I am suddenly getting all these intrusion attempts which were not picked up in CIS3. So either CIS3 failed to see them or there is something in CIS4 that is now being detected. trouble is there doesn’t seem to be any way of finding out what the coded events mean. Source Port says Type(3) Destination Port says Code(1). My trawl of the Internet didn’t really find anything which might give me a clue to what is happening. Would you suggest I revert to CIS3 until these events are more understandable. I have also tried to clear the logs as they are expanding rapidly but there doesnt seem to be a way as in CIS3.

Any help and guidance appreciated.

Closed because of cross posting. I replied in your other topic earlier.