UPnP Port Forwarding

Many (peer-to-peer) applications, including games, don’t support UPnP but would benefit from port forwarding. Would it be possible for the firewall to take care of port forwarding?
Many users have trouble with manual port forwarding, so I think this would be a great feature!

Hi Olaf,

Can you expand a bit on this?
I’m not sure if I understand your request completely.

Normally port forwarding happens on the “edge” of the network where the IP address translation from “External” to “Internal” is made, most of the time this task is taken care of by a router.

That’s where UPnP comes in. It’s a network protocol that allows forwarding to be configured remotely.

My router was automatically configured by World of Warcraft to forward the port it uses for updating. I’m sure this was done by UPnP since I did not add the entries myself like I had to for uTorrent.

uTorrent supports UPnP as well, but many other apps do not, hence this feature request.