UPnP networking flaw puts millions of PCs at risk...

Common bugs in networking systems are placing PCs, printers and storage devices at risk, according to security researchers.

According to the security team at Rapid7, technology used worldwide in both routers and standard networking equipment is making it possible for hackers to potentially infiltrate approximately 40 million to 50 million devices worldwide.

The vulnerability lies in the standard known as Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). This standard set of networking protocols allows devices such as PCs, printers and Wi-Fi access points to communicate and discover each other’s presence. After discovery, devices can be connected through a network in order to share files, printing capability and the Internet.

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I read it, followed the links to download the UPnP testing utility, and I am not vulnerable. I wasn’t about to disable it anyway though.

Unfortunately, UPnP has been vulnerable to various attacks for several years, this report just highlights the latest. I personally wouldn’t enable UPnP on any device connected to the Internet.

I can just say that the Belkin N150 router with the latest firmware is not vulnerable.

I’m happy for you.

That is true. FBI warned about it ages ago. I found that my PC was running UPNP service but I have no need for it so I disabled it.


read my reply i hope you guys didn’t install that upnp vulnerability testing tool.

I disabled it manually myself in the system services. I agree with your comment. If you do want to use app to disable such service only use this:

Now Rapid 7 has an external router check that tries to see if your UpnP responds externally

Yay, mine did not respond. Passed with flying colors.