Uploading large files to Comodo time outs [RESOLVED]

When uploading large files by using ‘Submit Suspicious Files’, the following message is shown:

Some files could not be uploaded Do you want to see the reason?

Basically, this is annoying, and I already know the reason - it’s timing out on large files. The client, however, isn’t smart enough to resume uploading if a transfer is interrupted, so it keeps throwing this annoying error. Is there a fix coming for this?

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If you know what the files are there is no reason to submit them. If you don’t want to deal with pending files then simply put D+ in safe mode. I honestly don’t care for pending files so I don’t use clean pc mode.

Earlier on server side we had limitation of uploading files upto 10mb max.
We have increased limit to 75mb as of now.
You can upload files larger than 10mb but while testing with last released files submission application we did see that even after relaxing the limit it may fail at times. You have re-try.

We have fixed files submission application for that and in next CFP release update will be there for it.


I will now close this thread since the question has been answered by umesh.