Uploading Images To ImageShack's Hosting Service

I’m using ImageShack’s Quickshot v1.52 application to upload images to ImageShack’s free hosting service. All the screenshots in this post are actually made using the program:


In Comodo I had to turn off “Protect ARP Cache”, otherwise Quickshot wouldn’t upload images to its hosting website:


What’s the best way around this, if you want to keep the stateful inspection of ARP connections turned on?

Here are the remaining settings:


Strange, what’s your network setup? modem/router/wifi?

And can you check the following command on a command-box (start, run, cmd)

arp -a

And run this before and after a upload to imageshack? (preferably after a clean boot)…

This is a long shot. Try disabling Do protocol analysis and see if that helps. It sometimes helps to disable it when using p2p programs. May be it helps here as well,

Thanks, I have noticed in the past that turning Protocol Analysis sometimes helps too, but now, after two or three reboots in the last two days, Quickshot actually started working ok with both ARP and Protocol Analysis turned on. It looks like it’s an intermittent problem, which makes it so much more difficult to troubleshoot. Today (Dec-24 evening) traffic to ImageShack’s servers is probably light, we will see what happens after the holidays. Also, maybe once Quickshot refuses to upload you need to turn off Comodo settings in certain order (just guessing).

Modem: Alcatel SpeedTouch 516v6, firmware v7.4.3.2
Router: Linksys BEFSX41, firmware v1.52.15

ARP -A: http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/9196/12242009142902.png

For now I went back to my previous Attack Detection settings: