Uploading failed with status 90500


I was uploading a folder that contains several files, to my Comodo Online Storage account.
The total size of the folder is a little bit bigger than 3GB.

When it was around 50% of the upload, the upload its interrupted and gives the 90500 status.

What does this mean? What does this status stand for?
Is there a way I can continue with the upload of the folder, without restarting from scratch?

Thank you in advanced.
Using Comodo Backup Beta5.

Yes, you can use simple copy backup (incremental) in Backup TAB.

Please provide the logs in \Windows\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder and %TEMP%\ComodoLogsFolder, so we can determine the cause of the issue. You can compress them in a single zip file.


I have sent by email the logs you requested, in a single zip file.

I have follow your advice. However, I have a question, right now I am on 14% of the upload process.
And not until now I am getting lots of “UNABLE TO PROCESS ITEM” messages (for each file being upload).
From 0% to 13% all files were able to be processed ok.

Does this mean the files being upload right now are “unable to be processed” because they are already on the storage account (remember I had some files uploaded, before getting the STATUS 90500)?

I have checked my uploaded files against the actual live logs from CB RC and the files being uploaded right now are NOT in my storage account.

So that means that the message “UNABLE TO PROCESS ITEM” for each file being uploaded its because there is something wrong and they are not being uploaded.

This is getting really annoying. I am not able to upload my 25GB folder in any way to my Storage account.
I restarted the backup and I am getting this message now:
Unable to collect source information!
Backup failed with code 42 (Not started).