Upload Problems

I have just installed CPF and I am having some problems with it. I am unable to upload data (e.g. sending files using e-mail, uploading images to image hosting sites, etc). Also, when running a bandwidth test from speedtest.net, downloading works fine but when it is time to upload, nothing happens. I am sure these problems are associated with firewall. I am guessing that CPF needs to be configured but I don’t know how.

Another problem - when going to speedtest.net (using Internet Explorer), this appears:
Speedtest.net requires at least version 7 of Flash. Please update your client”. I have the latest version of Flash and this site is working properly when using Firefox. I am not 100% sure if this is to do with CPF.

I am using:
CPF Version - Comodo Certified Applications Database: 3.0
ADSL modem
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Admin Account
AV: AOL Active Virus Shield - AS: SpywareGuard

How can I fix these problems? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

You cannot send eMails with attachement but you can send “pure eMails” via the same way?
Hmm, are all this problems related to your browser? As in: Do you use the webinterface to send eMails or a client like outlook, thunderbird, the bat…

And did you add any network-rules so far or did you only configure components?

I have used the browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox and I have also used the client Mozilla Thunderbird. I can send e-mails but not with attachments.

I have managed to upload a picture to an image hosting site (Using Internet Explorer) but I have problems sending e-mail attachments. I have also noticed that this forum and a few other sites are not working well with Firefox but they are working fine with Internet Explorer.

About adding network-rules and components - I don’t know how to do any of this.


AVS is powered by Kaspersky’s scan engine, where there known issues in how it plays (or doesn’t) with CFP. This may or may not be at the core of the issue. Also whether or not you had thd AV & AS running when you installed CFP could impact things adversely.

However, here’s a quick test to see if it has something to do with rules/configuration of CFP. THIS IS ONLY FOR TESTING; DO NOT LEAVE IT THIS WAY!

Right-click the systray icon for CFP, and change the Security Level to Allow All.

Upload a picture or send an email attachment. Then change Security Level back to Custom.

If the upload or attachment go without problem, then we are quite positive it’s an issue with CFP’s rules; probably Network Monitor. If they still do not work, it is not related to CFP’s rules. That will make things a little more complex, as it may have nothing to do with CFP at all…

So try that quick test and let us know how it goes.

Hi LM,

I have set the security level to Allow All and tried sending an e-mail with an attachment - no success. I have tried web-mail and a client.

Does this mean I have to uninstall AVS and re-install it or change AV?

That I don’t know; wish I did. I’ll try to help you narrow it down, some, though.

When did you first notice these issues?

Was it only after installing CFP, or did you see it any time before that?

Have you installed any other software recently (around the same time as CFP)? - including AVS or SpywareGuard?

Do you get any error messages when you try to send the attachments by email, as far as the mail not going, the attachment not going, server times out, etc?


The problems occurred only after installing Comodo. I haven’t installed anything recently.

When I try sending e-mails from firefox, I get the ‘The conncetion was reset’ error:

I’m going to try re-installing AVS to see what happens.

EDIT: I’ve uninstalled AVS and found that it was the cause of the problems. After uninstalling the firewall and re-installing it and AVS, the problems came back so I have now uninstalled AVS and got AVG Free. Everything is working fine now but I need a better AV.

Sorry it boiled down to the AV, noob, but glad you got that figured out.

I presume you’re looking for free AV; one that’s better than AVG, probably, would be Avast! HE Download Free Antivirus Software | Avast 2023 PC Protection It scans email, has on-access & on-demand scanning, and some other goodies. You may want to turn off/disable the webshield and network shield, as they act kind of like an additional firewall to scan all traffic for suspicious (viral) activity. Could cause system slowdowns or conflicts with the FW (a lot of AVs these days are doing this, and they all seem problematic - basically because they’re trying to be a firewall, when they’re not…).


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Hmmm, that one looks interesting. I’ve changed from AVG free to Avira AntiVir recently and am missing the mail-scan. I’ll try that one, too.