Upload problem

I recently updated CFP. But the new version won’t let me sent files to comodo for analyses. Every time I try to upload a file, CF sends the following error;

CF send tool
The operation timed out

and after that ;

CF send tool
An error was occured while updating. Sending files will be aborted. (a translation from dutch)

I hope you can get it fixed soon


I’ve send the following file to cpfbugs [ at ] comodo.com;

Maybe someone can help me out if I post it here

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hillgar30, I submitted the file for you.


thanks, any idea how to fix it?

I had the same timing-out message for couple of days after the recent update. I thought there might be some problems at comodo’s server side. Today when I retried there was no problem.
One thing though, I noticed that with the new update cpfsubmit using TCP Out on higher ports (1024-4999) as well as the ftp port 21 for So if you have any network rules blocking these ports for that IP, you may have the timing problem. If you don’t, then keep trying like I did and I got thru today.

Let us know the result for reference to others having the same problem


problem solved, today I was able to upload the files. Most likely, the problem came from comodo’s server side, like you said.

Thanks for the advise.


Thanks for letting us know