Upload picture for profile

Is there any instructions somewhere for uploading your picture for your profile in the forum.? Thanks

Go to your profile, and click on ‘Forum Profile Information’ on the left. Select ‘I will upload my own picture:’ and click Browse.
Select your file and upload it.
I hope this helps you.

I know this will be a dumb question but I see no upload place would this be save because I tried that and nothing happened. Thanks

Hi 4putt ,

I am not sure what do you mean by “would this be save” (stressing the highlighted word), but there is a “Change profile” button that has to be used in order to make any amendments to the profile / signature / & so on

If you’ve done that and cannot see changes - you should look at your browser settings

What is your browser?

Is that a Fox? Are you using some kinda blocking defaults by NoScript / RequestPolicy or alike?

Say, if dragonadoters.com is blocked I cannot see the Dragons that are present at the bottom of John’s posts


The Change profile button is all the way down the screen