upload does not work

Hi, I have had some troubles with upload lately, I have tryied spybot, cccleaner and comodo, It all found some results, some junk, but did not identify what is causing it. I even tryied reinstaling my win 7 and still nothing. And problem is in my desktop, I tryied laptop on the same cable and it worked well.
Any ideas?

What kind of browser are you using? You could try Comodo Dragon to confirm it is not just your browser.

Also does the uploads always fail? Or are they just slow.
You may want to try this from Microsoft TechNet:

The issue can be caused by incorrect browser settings, incompatible third party program or virus. Here are some suggestions you can try:
  1. Reload IE settings and upload a smaller file via IE again.

  2. Perform a Clean Boot for a test.

  3. If the computer connects Internet via router or wireless network, please bypass it and connect to DSL modem via wired cable. Then, please upload file in this mode.

  4. Try No Add-ons Mode in Internet Explorer:

Troubleshooting and Internet Explorer’s (No Add-ons) Mode

  1. Update the NIC driver.

  2. Check this issue with ISP.

Unable to upload files to the internet with windows 7