Upgrading vista to Win 7 RC1 CIS problem

Hello all:

Love Cis but ran into this problem upgrading Vista to Win 7 RC 1. The install works 'till I blue screen at file “inspect.sys”. It appears CIS is the problem as discussed here:


Uninstalling CIS apparently allows the install completion. I read here I can re-install CIS in vista compatibility mode. Does this work?

Hi PawBear,

In Win 7RC you don’t need compatibility mode.

I read your linked thread.

Just download and do a fresh install after you have all the Win 7RC upgrade stuff done.

Just be logged on as an Admin account Allow and always trust Comodo in the UAC pop ups.
Be forewarned that the Action Center uses a new format so CIS is not recognized although it runs well.

So you will have to manually disable Win 7’s Firewall and disable the Notifications from Action Center that there is no firewall.

Welcome to the forum BTW.

Bad Frogger,

Thanks for the welcome. My last paid internet security suite drove me nuts. I’m glad to have a free program like CIS available, so thanks for the help too!


I’ve been unable to get CIS to work and have replaced it temporarily with PCTools firewall. I used all methods, clean install, and compatibility mode, down to XP 2. I could not keep it running after each reboot. I’ll have to wait until CIS is fully compatible with Win 7.

Thanks for your help.