Upgrading to V3

I have read through a lot of topics on upgrading to V3 but I still have a procedural question (I’m not an advanced user). Will this process work for the upgrade:

  1. Download V3 and save to desktop
  2. Go offline from DSL connection
  3. Uninstall V2 with Revo
  4. Reboot
  5. Install V3
  6. Reboot and configure
  7. Go back online

Also I plan on installing a router in the very near future. Are there any advantages or disadvantages in doing the
upgrade to V3 before installing the router or after installing the router?

Thank you for any assistance.

Steps one- seven is how I would do it, making sure your none of your programs are running especially your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs during installation. use Revo in advanced mode but be very careful, only deleting bold entries. You may want to click on each folder to double check.

I honestly can’t answer your last question as I had a router when I installed CFP, but I can’t imagine there’d be a difference. Once you log on after your router is installed CFP will notify you of a new private network, which of course, you’ll agree.

Added: Once CFP3 is installed, set D+ to clean PC mode and open each program, setting the rules accordingly. You’ll note pending files waiting your review. I normally, purge, look up, submit (and remove if the program is trusted) .

Refrain from using isolated or limited applications, especially if it’s a windows operation system function

You’ll also be asked about firewall rules. Set your browsers, email, ftp etc to their predefined rules.

once your rules are established you’ll seldom hear from CFP unless you install new programs