upgrading to the latest version

I’m running version Do I need to uninstall it before installing the latest version?

To Taz,

I honestly don’t know because you are now a few versions behind. There was an incremental update
that may still exist to get you to version, and from there you can get an automatic incremental update to todays latest and greatest which is ver

But this coming Monday, version 3.1 comes out and no one seems to be saying if that will be an incremental upgrade from So you might hold off until Monday when things get clearer.

Thus far previous upgrades have been bug fixes, if you have no bugs problems in your version, why upgrade yet?

Thanks Osage
I’m not sure if it’s causing any problems as I just started using it and the same with AVG. The only problem I’m experiencing at the moment is intermittent. I have the forums for both programs set to notify me by email if I get a reply. When I click on the link in the email to take me to the forum the window will open but the graphics don’t seem to finish loading and then the window freezes. I have to ctl alt delete to close it. I don’t know if this is a problem with one of the 2 programs or if it’s hotmail. I do like the way this firewall lets me know what all is going on in my pc. Beats the pants off Norton and doesn’t seem to slow down my pc nearly as much!

I strongly recommend uninstalling v.268 first, then downloading a full copy of v.277. If you encounter problems during uninstallation, see this: