Upgrading from v3.10.x to v3.13.x Install on top of or uninstall first?


I am currently running v3.10.x of CIS Firewall and Defense+ on XP Pro and cfp.exe is acting up again, using 100% of one CPU and taking a minute each time I respond to a pop-up. So I figure it’s high time to upgrade to v3.13.x. My question is, should I uninstall the old version and use the clean-up tool and then import the saved settings, and if so, how many times should I reboot and when? OR, can I just install over the old version? In either case I want to retain all my hundreds of settings for obvious reasons. I think it’s a good idea to export the settings in any case. Do I have to export each item’s settings or does export take care of all the settings at once?

Hi foobaz,

Based on your “long response times” after clicking an alert i would recommend a total clean install.
I know it’s a pain to build a large rulebase back to where it is now, but the internals have been changed to minimize this “long slow response times” issue while responding to alerts.

  • Uninstall 3.10 (Normal Add/Remove software OR revo)

  • Reboot

  • No Cleaner needed (I never ever experienced issues, but i don’t run other real-time security software that could interfere, most common cause of the “uninstall” issue).

  • Install 3.13

If you want to keep your previous config, just export it from 3.10 follow the above and use Import once 3.13 is installed.

OK Ronny. Thanks for the reply. I exported the one active configuration just to be safe. I should have done that long ago. Last night I manually updated CIS and today upon reboot, I see it is now v3.13. I will see how it responds and if it continues to act up I will reinstall completely as you outline.

Update: I finally uninstalled the updated 3.13, rebooted, and installed 3.14 and imported saved configuration settings but I still get the interminable 100% CPU hogging for one minute every time. Now what?

Did you import the rules from 3.10?

I don’t know. I exported the configuration settings from 3.13 (updated 3.10) and then imported them. I am running just the Firewall. There are many entries in the Computer Security Policy. Many of them are for the installers. I would rather not save installer data. The backup is 5.5MB. Another thing is, even when I designate an app as a Trusted Application, I often get warning popups anyway. There are literally thousands of registry keys for Comodo.