Upgrading from CIS 5.8 / Questions

I need some advice.I have been using Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.8 for the last year.I was going to upgrade to the new version, but the interface looks intimidating.I watched some videos, and really liked some of the features.Recently, I was surfing on the internet, and got a nasty piece of malware that trashed my pc in seconds.I could not even boot off my “C” drive.Fortunately, I have multiply drives, so I booted off another drive, and did a low level format on the infected drive.I also had a back-up image file, so I was up and running virus free fairly quick.If I was using the 6.X version, I could have had my browser protected, and avoided that mess.

Here are my concerns:

I have some of my own rules that I made.Simple rules to block the most commonly hacked ports.I have them under global rules.

I also have a vpn service, and I have rules working together under Network Security Policies, using Predefined Policies, and Network Zones.Basically, these rules are set to control the mac address through the tap adapter on my vpn connection.I can not go online unless I have active vpn connection,and if my vpn connection is lost, I am cut off. I also have Ivp6 disabled in Win764. I had to do this because ivp6 will override those rules, and reconnect.


1.Can I import my configuration file from CIS 5.8 to 6.xxx version.I do not want the hassle of doing this manually again?

2.Are the advanced options similar to the 5.8 version, interface wise.When I go under Network Security Policies, are the options set up the same? Its looks to be buried some where in the new interface.I am still using 5.8 atm.I just watched some videos on some of the new features.

3.I use open dns numbers for my vpn, and my network.I disable Netbios in network options for each adapter.One being real, the later virtual.I have no need for netbios.Just another way to hack in your pc through ports that windows uses.Does CIS do a better better job preventing dns leaks?

4.What about resources? Is the newer version a resource hog, with all those added features? 5.8 is definitely light in the resource dept, for a security suite.That’s a major plus.

Thanks for any input.I really like Comodo, and don’t want to change now :slight_smile:

I would recommend creating the rules manually. You can try it and see if it works for you, but I have seen it cause problems on many systems.

They are arranged differently now. However, I believe most options are still there. For my advice on how to configure CIS, along with directions on how to do so, please see my article about How to Install Comodo Firewall

I don’t know.

In general the resource usage is very similar. Some users have had issues, but these were due to bugs and I believe most of the resource bugs are now fixed. Please try it on your system and see if it’s similar.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


I have alot of rules, but cant import them into 6 because of known issues.That is ridiculous. I should spend 2 hours making all my rules again, but first I need directions to get to the most important part of the program.I guess this new interface is were all the time was spent vs giving people the basic options that should be a given. Firewall comes to mind >:( I guess the new theme is sit back and let us take the wheel.Thats fine, but why make it harder on people. Those are 2 very important concepts.I would hate to see what the interface looks like, considering its buried.I’m sure it doesn’t start with user friendly.This was made for Windows 8.The interface says it all.They deserve each other.

Thanks for your help.Now, I know it’s not worth my time.To bad Comodo isn’t doing any justice for its users :-TD

The other option is to wait until V5 users are automatically updated to V6. This should allow the rules to be moved seamlessly into V6. Perhaps for you, as your rules are so complex, this is the best way to go.

Definitely, I will wait :cry:

I understand there thought process.Technology is always changing. Desktops are not the norm anymore, But I can tell you more people hate Windows 8 vs like.Sure, you can change the interface to get the classic shell back, but why spend the money for a few improvements in performance.It all comes down to money ! Windows 8 is Windows 7, with a added service pack, and a new GUI 88) Hummm…Metro Interface = Portable pc’s to be used with a touch screen, including cell phones, and any other device.Why force that interface on desktop users.I mention this, because Comodo could have easily had a classic shell for Internet Security/ Rules.Firewalls are all about rules, not menus buried in menus, to complete tasks,which lead to further menus…I’ll take a step back, take a deep breath, and start to learn this slowly, before the dive.It does have some streamline features, and a better virtual sandbox environment .

CIS version 6xx is very much improved.I saw videos testing 187 infected files, full of trojans, malware, exe’s ect… loaded into windows.Comodo was put to the test. 90 % is considered a good rating for finding virus’s.After the scan, it found 135 out of 187.Doing the math, its finding 80% of the infected files.Those numbers do not look good compared to the 90% effectiveness, of a good anti-virus program.The thing is, some of those were “exe” files, and were not executed.After manually starting the exe files, CIS , isolated, All the remaining files.Those odds just went up 100% “A+” for catching all the nasties!

Hi runningman,
Just to add to Chiron’s reply.
Importing a V5.X config will most likely cause BSOD or other issues.
Over the top installs V5.X to V6.X has been known to succeed, but still maybe not ideal in some situations.
Waiting as Chiron suggested and you have already decided is the safest option.

I would suggest to update to 5.10 using the program updater and then wait for the update to 6.1 to appear on the program updater.