Upgraded to Windows10 now videos won't play in Chromodo [Solved]

I have the latest version of Chromodo Version

Can’t play videos since I upgraded from Win7 to Win10.

Is anyone else having the same issue?
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Strange thing is that Videos in Youtube play. Videos in FaceBook don’t play.

Hi LadyP12,
Can you please check if you have the latest Flash PPAPI plugin installed?

Flash plugin support for Dragon and Chromodo.


Yes I have the latest Flash player :slight_smile:
Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 18.0 r0
Location: C:\windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_18_0_0_232.dll

Hi LadyP12,
There was a Facebook video issue in the link below that was resolved AFAIK, it might be showing it ugly head again.
Videos stopped playing on facebook [Merged]

I have asked the Developers to take a look.

Note: I have not merged this topic with the other merged topic, even though the issue is similar I suspect the cause may be different.


What ever the issue was, it has been fixed. Videos are now playing in FB ;D

Hi LadyP12,
That is good to hear, thanks for letting us know. :-TU

Kind regards.