Upgraded to Windows 10 and Comodo Firewall wont disable

I just upgraded to Windows 10 having previously upgraded the Comodo firewall to the latest version 8.2 which is supposed to be win 10 compatible. Now when I try and disable the firewall temporarily it wont allow it. I have custom settings setup and am able to change the settings to Training Mode but am unable to disable.
Can someone advise how I can fix this?

Uninstall it, COMODO firewall isn’t compatible with windows 10. I had a lot of problems before… Just wait some months for it to get fixed.
I’m really disapointed in comodo staff as they haven’t fixed it for windows 10 / pro yet.

Comodo Firewall is compatible but is causing problems on some computers.

Please try a clean installation. An upgrade of the OS is a huge migration where things may go wrong with driver based programs like security programs.