Upgraded to Comodo Internet Security 3.9 and now it's not functioning[solved]

Hi, I just upgraded to the new Comodo Internet Security version 3.9 and after rebooting the computer I got the following message that there was an error in the program and couldn’t be updated from the program files. So I shut it down and uninstalled it and after rebooting again, tried to install it. I got a message that it was STILL installed on my computer and did I want to uninstall it. I’ve been trying to do so now for well over two hours and each time I remove a folder or a registry key for the antivirus program, it still says it’s installed. I’ve even removed all registry entries with no results. Can someone tell me what the heck happened and how to remove it.
I’m attaching the error message I got after I did the original uninstall and reinstall.
Thank you.

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Please try here comodo support tool.rar and here
Edit Try here for cfp.dll

Hi logan2057.
The first thing I suggest you do is roll back the system using “System Restore”.
In addition, at the beginning of installing CIS 3.9 Select “uninstall” the previous version of Comodo.
Reboot the computer.
use COMODO System Cleaner to clean the registry and temporary files
Reboot the computer.
Re-run the installation of CIS 3.9

Not that this is regarding your question. But when seeing your desktop I see you have Comodo Memmory firewall installed/running… Its not needed anymore. Thanks to it being integrated into D+… :-TU :-TU


Thank you to all who replied to my plight. I did try to use System Restore, but for some reason it isn’t working. It won’t restore at all and I’m stumped there. But I did run the comodo cmd tool and it got me back on track. I now have Comodo 3.9 installed and working properly.
Thank you once again.

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