Upgraded to CIS 3.8; damn update prevents Comodo Firewall from Working

I’ve recently upgraded CIS to 3.8 and now my Firewall is not working (:CLP). On the summary page I see that:

– the firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempts
– 0 inbound connections
– 0 outbound connections

The firewall is enabled (custom policy mode) and I of course have internet connectivity.

I’m running Vista x64 SP1. Other security apps: Avira AntiVir. Both Windows Firewall and Windows Defender are turned off. But not that that’s the issue here… Comodo is the problem.

What does System Status report? If it reports a failure let Diagnostics run (can be found under Miscellaneous)) and see if that helps or not.

Some users (myself included) have gotten this to work by doing a clean install. Another user was able to fix this by changing his screen resolution?

I am having similar problem. Trying to install on Windows 7. Is there a windows 7 thread somewhere. Havent found one yet.

I ran diagnostics but it only offered to save a log.

If you install in compatibility mode (Vista), CIS should run fine under Win7 (this is what other Win7 users are reporting).

I do recommend a clean install to ensure all systems running as they should.
Also, disable any active AV scanners you have running during the install, as this may cause issues with either the firewall or D+.