Upgraded to 6.1.276867.2813 but something is not right

A few weeks ago I had a number of issues after upgrading to CIS 6.1. One of them being I could not connect to the network at work. After reading in the forums I was not alone with issues, I decided to just uninstall and reinstall the old version. Everything was working fine after that. I was ignoring the update messages but decided to finally try the update again over the weekend after reading there was a fix for a lot of the issues. Everything seems to work, but something does not seem right. I get what I can only call frequent system freezes or hiccups. Whether I am using Skype, typing an email, or simply switching to different windows, everything freezes for a second or 2 before it does what I want. This is happening constantly and is really annoying. Anyone have any idea what would cause this? I am running XP SP3.


Do you have any other security programs installed?

It’s possible that there’s a remnant of something on your system interfering with CIS (this could be part of an older version of CIS or remnants of an older security program). Either way, please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this post and see if that helps.


The only other thing I use is Malwarebytes.

I followed the recommended way of uninstalling, I have done it a few times now since I first tried CIS. The only difference this time was I upgraded. Do you recommend uninstalling and doing a fresh install, and not upgrading? Everything worked fine until I upgraded over the weekend.

Yes, I would advise downloading a fresh installer from the main website. Then, uninstall and run all cleanup programs (including those for any security programs which were previously installed on the computer). Only then should you install the new version.

See if that helps.

That seemed to do it. I did the uninstall process and a fresh install earlier today, so far it seems to be back to normal.


Good to hear. Let us know if anything goes wrong.