upgrade to windows 8 ?

I have used windows 7 since day one, I have played with other OS’s in a VM but have always had w7 as the host.
I’m hesitant to upgrade to w8 but feel I may be missing out.
I have read that CIS runs faster and smoother on w8, I have aso read about numerous blips with CIS 6 and w8
Which is it ?
What does the community here think ?
I’m gonna throw it out with a poll,
Thanks for your time and as always all input and feedback welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what is it you believe you’re missing out on?

There are several threads on windows 8 forum, including this one http://www.eightforums.com/general-discussion/11258-windows-8-thoughts-opinions-incomplete.html, where people express their love or disappointment with win 8. They could help you in your reflection.

Windows 8 in general runs lighter than Windows 7. With a start menu (Classic Shell) I am a happy camper with it.

On one Win 8 system it takes 4-5 minutes for Virtual Kiosk to start and on another Win 8 system it starts normally like you would expect. Other than that no glitches here.

I would keep them side by side and not upgrade over 7. I am always hesitant with upgrade installations of Operating Systems.

Out of curiosity, what is it you believe you're missing out on?

Good question :-\ I have used w8 but only in a vm with a Gig of RAM and 1 core dedicated to it, not enough to do it justice, so I have no “real” experience with it. Bench marking shows (generally) a steady improvement in windows OS’s it makes sense that w8 follows this curve, I would like to think I’m squeezing the most out of my hardware not missing out.

Thanks will check these out.

Ok thanks EricJH
I figure my best option is a dual boot, see how I get on with it on this box

I have Windows 8 via my subscription with Microsoft, but having used it, on and off, for more than a year, I can find no compelling reason to switch from Windows 7.

Don’t get me wrong, there are several attractive features offered by Windows 8, It’s a little faster, some would say more secure, it has nice recovery features and I actually quite like the ‘flat’ visual style. However, I have no need for the (Metro) Modern UI - I don’t single task. I have no interest in the ‘cloud’ features and as I spend 100% of my time in the ‘traditional desktop’ environment, I’d need to add third-party applications to make it usable (not necessarily the start menu). Also, shaving a few seconds off the time it takes from boot - I seldom switch off my systems anyway - to log-in is really of no consequence.

At the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself. if you are able to run the OS on bare metal - a VM is a poor test environment for real OS evaluation - try and do everything you usually do on your existing OS and see how it stands up. Don’t forget to run all your favourite programs too.

Thanks good advice :-TU
I’m gonna go with what you suggest and try on “bare metal” I’ll install in a partition on my HDD it’s the only true test.
I also aren’t overly excited by the Metro UI but am intrigued to see what differences they are…
I suspect I’ll come to the conclusion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok so installed on a 50G partition
first impressions…
hmm it has the potential to be a privacy nightmare
metro GUI sucks
maybe I need to spend a little more time with it

Hi treefrogs,

I’ve started to get used to the Windows 8 ‘Tiles’, but as you will know quite a few take you straight to the ‘Desktop’ !!!

A free download that I used for a while was Pokki for Windows 8 which takes you straight to the Desktop on start-up and has a combination of both the ‘traditional’ start menu and access to the ‘Metro UI’ apps.

There are other programs around ( free and paid for ) to do the same / similar, but this is the one I found worked well for me :slight_smile:

sounds good - best of both worlds, thanks I will take a look :-TU
I have a Windows phone so I’m familiar with the tiles but find the whole metro thing on a pc quite annoying and at times frustrating.
I am finding 8 be a bit “snappier” than 7 though and I enjoy the process of discovery/learning so I suspect I’m gonna stick at it.
I don’t like the fact that it wants you to initially log in with your Microsoft account or create one then link it with your phone. This probably has it’s benefits but not as far as I’m concerned.

To me Windows 7 is easier to use than Windows 8.

If you wish to use a ‘Local’ account instead have a read on the Windows Eight Forum - How to Switch from a Microsoft Account to a Local Account in Windows 8 especially if you are not wanting / needing it to link with your phone :slight_smile:

Have installed Pokki :-TU has done the trick Thanks
also using a “local” account I feel a lot more comfortable this way
I am actually enjoying using W8, it’s a “grower” :smiley:

I upgraded and overall I like it. It’s a bit faster starting up on my machine than windows 7 was and without the start menu t does take some getting use to.

You can pickup a copy for under $40 so at that price it’s worth a try, in my opinion.