Upgrade to v4 deleted all my rules!!! WHY DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!

So, picture this. One fine sunny Saturday, a Comodo firewall balloon pops up and says “Oh lol! v4 is available! Click here to upgrade”. “Cool”, I think, proceeding to the upgrade. Upon completion of the standard next, next, next, finish, restart drill, i get a load of popups from Comodo asking about my apps trying to connect to the internet.

“That’s strange”, I thought to myself. “I already configured those apps”. After choosing the appropriate actions I proceeded to the Network Security Policy. To my horror, all the rules that I had patiently and painstakingly configured over the past year or so that I’ve had CPF, were gone! ALL GONE! ALL MY RULES… DELETED!!!

Why on earth would you subject people to this type of torture? What seemed like an innocent version has turned into frustration, time wasting and regret that I had “upgraded”. Why did it not migrate all the rules automatically? Or even at least save a copy of the rules somewhere? Or at the VERY LEAST told me that my rules would be deleted.

Why, why, why???

Dude, it was clearly stated that some versions overwrite / delete config files.

Do you believe in God? No? Good.

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It’s too late now, but in the future, before you update CIS, export your configurations:

More->Manage My Configurations->Export

When I upgraded from version 3.14 the installer saved a copy of my configuration, and all I had do was select it.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I installed 4.1 without removing first. Read somewhere that I could do that.


What does that have to do with it? 88)

Then make backup your religion. Just a good advice.

Funny “religion”. Maybe I’ll back myself up so when I die I won’t be gone! O0

The alerts don’t seem to last too long if you remember your actions.

Maybe after you’ll lose some important file because you forget to backup then you’ll remember my words.

Take it easy, they are not deleted. 4.1 backs up you old config file but does not import it by default. Just use the right-click menu to select your old config file; it will be denoted "Updated - Updated - Updated (old).

I made sure to have my firewall rules backed up before I upgraded from v3.14 and installed v4.1.149672.916 and the program did just as it said it would and it preserved and copied my firewall rules into the new version. That was the first time that I didn’t have to import the firewall rules after upgrading CIS and I was under the impression that this was a convenient new feature of v4.1, but evidently not.


It may not be the same name, but it is there as a extra configuration.

There should be four Internet Security (Default), Proactive Security, Firewall Security, and your old configuration in 4.1 after upgrade.


My firewall configurations from v3.14 were listed in the Comodo system tray icon with their original name and ‘-old’ next to them in the Manage My Configuration menu.


My two cents; I came to this forum specifically to figure out what happened to my rules and came across this thread. It would have saved a lot of aggravation if Comodo simply kept my settings by default.