Upgrade stopped ICS from working

After the firewall updated itself the Internet Connection sharing stopped working.
The LAN is working fine just no internet on the other computers that connect through this one…

I had this problem altho i did get it to work after doing the windows network setup wizard. It worked for about 30 mins then i started to get svchost blocked :THNK could it be this that stopped the other pc connecting?

I found the thread on how to unblock svchost but couldnt understand it so reinstalled the old version of cpf as I had one moody son!

Any easy step by step instructions on how to unblock svchost would be appreciated.

Got it fixed, Thanks for the help (:LGH) In the network security policy give “system idle process” the same permissions as “system”… Don’t know why it works but still got a perfect stealth rating at “Shields up”…