upgrade sbs 2003 to 2008

Hello, we have just purchased a new server with sbs 2008. We have an old sbs 2003 in place with a ssl certificate for webmail.domain.com (ssl vendor? don’t know) I have done some research and Comodo was mentioned - and there is a free trial too :wink:

I would like to do some development before moving over but I would like to get the setup right in the beginning… I will move the new server to a different location and point the DNS to this IP.

  1. we will run a DotNetNuke website + webdav DNN filesharing (bring2mind.net) + web shop
    → hence we will need a ssl certificate for domain.com and www.domain.com
  2. for exchange we could use the name of the server e.g. sbs.domain.com
  3. we may use sharepoint sevices as well sharepoint.domain.com

What is your advice? Could we have a potential conflict between the new comodo ssl certificate and the old SBS2003 webmail.domain.com?



I would not have both of them answer on ‘webmail.domain.com’, rather ‘webmail-dev.domain.com’ for SBS2008 and keep SBS2003 untouched.


I can assist you with obtaining an exchange cert, I work along side the tech support setting up new accounts.

Please give me a call, so we can get you set up, with whatever you need. I can give you special discounts not found on the website!

Kathy Tonery