Upgrade, SafeSurf and Internet access

Having been prompted by Highlights to upgrade (to, and having opted to include the SafeSurf toolbar, I found, among other things, that my Internet connection had been disabled. Instead of the COMODO Firewall Pro icon in my tray, I found a SafeSurf icon. From there I was offered the option to Disable protection on all applications. Doing that restored my Internet connection, but presumably without any firewall protection. It makes no sense to me that the firewall has been upgraded, but no longer runs unless I launch it manually, and nowhere can I find out why SafeSurf seems to have blocked everything, or any guidance on what applications I should except from protection. At the moment I have no SafeSurf protection, and have launched the firewall (but without, for example, any files waiting for review under Proactive Defense), and would be grateful for an explanation of what seems to me to be a ridiculous situation.