Upgrade installation

I installed a Comodo firewall upgrade v 3.5.55810 (i think) and it closed down my internet access.
There is no help whatsover in Comodo as to what happened or how to fix it.
Because the machine crashed at around the same time, I wasn’t even sure it was Comodo.
And there was no obvious way to find out.
Worse still, this is the thrid time Comodo has ■■■■■■■ up my PC when I have done an update.
You guys try hard, but there is a seriously bad pattern of failure here!

Hello RobQQQ,

In the interest of securing some help for your computer could you provide a little more detail? What Operating System are you using? What number security pack? What other security software do you have installed? Is Internet access your only problem right now? Do there any warning windows pop up? Can you boot your computer into safe mode? Besides you computer locking up during a Comodo update was any thing else unusual going on with your computer?

That very sour.

Try uninstalling Comodo in safe mode and see if that helps.

When you don’t know what safe mode is and how to get there. Start pushing F8, shortly after booting, the computer (toward the end of the BIOS startup routine). You will get a screen with boot options for Windows. Choose to boot into safe mode with no network.

When in safe mode uninstall CIS.

Crashing computers can have a couple of sources. Grossly speaking problems with hardware drivers or malware.

To deal with the latter try the following tools to catch as much malware as can you can:
Spybot Search and Destroy
Malwarebytes antimalware (quick scan)
Super Antispyware (quick scan)
Trial version of Trojan Hunter (quick scan)
Trial version of Spy Sweeper (quick scan)
I assume you keep your AV program up to date in all of this.

Keep us posted.