Upgrade from CIS v5.5?

I have CIS v5.5 installed on my PCs with XP x32, Win7 x32 and Win7 x64. I disable CIS’ automatic check for program updates so I can backup my hard disk first. Does manually-initiated update to v5.9 work, or do I need to uninstall? Is the .CFGX file from v5.5 compatible with v5.9?

I just updated from 5.5 to 5.9 on my older WinXP machine without a hitch. The 5.5 .cfgx file isn’t totally compatible since some of the settings have been moved to other tabs within CIS and new features have been added. I would suggest going through your settings once the update has completed. After tweaking your settings, backup your configurations to a new .cfgx file.

A belated thanks to L.A.R. Grizzly for the help. My update went smoothly using the suggestions. ;D