Upgrade enhancement

Why can’t Comodo engineer upgrades such that they don’t require an uninstall, reboot and then manual reinstall?

This is a messy process. I also have to remember to unplug my net connection prior to doing this because there is a period of time after the uninstall and before the new install is completed when there is no firewall protection in the system.

I’d like to see upgrades installed on top of the existing install, followed by a reboot to enable the new version instead.

I used the automatic upgrade function and haven’t had any problems, but was concerned by all the people saying that because so much has been added, a clean install is recommended.

If you aren’t capable of making the upgrade function upgrade your software without issues, (regardless of how many shiny new features you add) you need to remove this “feature” entirely because probably 95% of your users are only going to use the automatic upgrade. If they are going to get a problematic install from using your upgrade function, then what is the point? ???

I don’t use the automatic upgrade process because I have Comodo installed in a non-standard location (on my D: drive). I also like to keep a copy of the install file, again in a sub folder of the special location I use. So I don’t know how the auto upgrade process works.

I am afraid that is not possible with drivers, like firewall drivers, that are in the kernel. In Vista it is possible for f.e. video card drivers to install without reboot as they run in a different mode.

I have to reboot every time I upgrade my Nvidia video driver. The new file needs to be loaded into memory and the old one removed. Nvidia engineers deemed this is the way it is done. Why make an issue because Comodo requires the same?

On a side note, ATI mastered the art of installing new drivers without rebooting some three months or so ago.

Back on topic. For kernel mode driver we will have to live with a reboot. Just life in computer land…