Upgrade and Question

Hi All,
Long time since I have posted here. Good to see all is going well.

I would like to upgrade to the pro version. Do I have to do anything to the free version that I have now or does the pro version overlay this one. I have not seen any options in the free version to upgrade.

My question is about how to install comodo on a computer I am working on for a friend. I do not have their e-mail address or any possible registration information. Also, the machine is a laptop that is connected through my network cable, but they will be using a wireless connection when they get it back. Will there be any conflicts.

Keep up the great work, I reccomend this product to everyone I talk to.

Well the pro version is not a upgrade, not to the firewall anyway, it adds stuff like the live technical support 24/7.
As for the laptop I don’t think there will be only problems.

Hey, olddog ~

patrice is correct inasfar as the “Pro” is the same actual product, just some paid services are included, as here - which includes TrustConnect for an encrypted connection over open wifi (such as coffee shop, hotel, etc).

For a default install of CIS (current version, 3.11) your friend shouldn’t have any problems going from wired to wireless connect. You might set it up to not detect new networks (under Miscellaneous tab, Settings, General); that way it won’t prompt your friend when it gets a new IP address on wifi (might save some confusion, if they’re not expecting the notification and don’t know what to do with it).

You can even tighten up the default settings some w/out causing any problems for the wifi connect. If you have questions about specifics, don’t hesitate to ask - in the Help section.


Little Mac.
I havn’t seen you name for ages not since you advised me on V.2.4.
Must have been good advice as i am still here but it gets more complicated by the version.
So i am still asking questions.
I still believe CIS is for the professionals not for the man in the street.It really is far,far to complicated but i am still willing to learn with help of the Forum.
This is in the wrong place,no doubt,but i just happened to see your name,and had to say hallo.
Best Regards

It’s best to do a fresh install. Actually, with the pro version I think they install it for you and do a system cleanup etc. I can’t remember if they also deal with your popups as well.

hey Philip, yeah that would’ve been a while back. Glad you’re still with it!

Realizing that CIS is a powerful piece of work, they’ve attempted to make it as invisible as possible to the user with the default install. It’s still not perfect, but (I think) for “joe user” who doesn’t change applications a lot, uses normal type apps and isn’t involved with craziness, it should be very quiet yet still provide top-shelf protection.

It’s when you get into the power-user type and/or involved with other craziness (p2p downloading, off-the-wall applications, etc), tweaks/changes applications, and so on - that’s when you start getting a lot more alerts.

Probably would be nice if it came with an auto-launched tutorial (maybe video-type) to help users understand things like installation mode, what alerts do mean & how to respond.


I’m not sure about the remote install. The reason I’m not is they have a 30-day trial. But I do know at one point anyway they were talking about doing a remote install/scan/cleanup as part of that. Not sure if they still do or not. It would make sense that they do.


Good to hear from you.
Your views are what i feel about CIS.
I just want a first class firewall where everything is set to default,which are the safest settings and there are NO POPUPS.
These really drive me crackers.
Best Wishes